Established in 2012, START Learning Resource Centre is a small setup to serve

the community to support and provide the family, schools,

and children with a fair opportunity for learning. 

With the inspiration from Dr. Bill and Ochan Powell’s dedication to

cultivating inclusion education, we uphold the individualized curriculum,

to custom and meet the needs of each learning with

the integration of programs from

U.S, U.K, Australia, Singapore, and the Asian region.

Inclusive education is the most effective way to give all children a

fair chance to go to school, learn and develop the skills they need to thrive. 

It means real learning opportunities for groups who have

traditionally been excluded – not only children with disabilities,

but any learners with different needs too.

Inclusive systems value the unique contributions of students of

all backgrounds bring to the classroom and

allow diverse groups to grow side by side, to the benefit of all.


Over the years, the team members have grown,

with other passionate professionals on board to serve our students.

The program became more comprehensive, with art therapy, music therapy,

Kids yoga practice and behavior modification therapy.


START has worked along a few international schools in the Klang valley 

to support our students into their inclusion setting.