Sam is really looking forward to come every single day.   We appreciate the effort that was done to accommodate what is needed for Sam because this children don’t fit into the same mold. The flexibility of all the teachers and talking to me over my requirements, it’s all great! The only regret I have is not find this place any sooner.


As Sam is now placed in an inclusive setting school in S'pore, he is proud to see his own achievement so far and this is very important for me.It would not have been successful without everyone in START.



                                                                                           ........... Jo Bradshaw

We wanted a more engaged and interactive approach for Paul instead of intensive therapy structure. Coming to START I see that everyone here prioritise individualised learning and don’t just fit the student into a program.  I see this is what Paul needs. The interaction between teachers and us enable us to support Paul and his other therapist work hand-in-hand, the integration is great and heart warming. We are thankful for that

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ............ Pam and Scott

Frankly speaking, initially I was hesitating to send Fei Fei to

START LRC.   I thought it is just a place to babysit kids with some basic teaching. I didn't think it is suitable for Fei Fei.  Along the

2-year Fei Fei’s daily schooling here, I completely changed my idea.Teachers were observing behaviour and mentality of Fei Fei closely. Developed specific corrective plan and shared every

progress with parents.

They also gave us advice on how to support when Fei Fei was at home .Confidence buildup, social skill, literacy are all integrated

into the plan.  Now, I really appreciate again, that, Fei Fei is given some training to prepare joining GIS.   

                                                                          ........... Mr. Chang

I am glad that I had made a wise choice to send her for early intervention to work on her speech deficiency instead of elected to believe that this can be improved automatically when she grows older. Off course this cannot come into success without you and other teachers hard works. Your passion in very aspect to help them improve, assist them to overcome obstacles and until they master…

it comforts a worried mother like me.


Words cannot express my gratitude to you and other teachers. Lastly,

I want to highlight to you that RT ability in focusing and paying  attention is so much advance compare to her sibling which I believe this is the effect of your special programme tailor to enhance her

skill, this will definitely aid her study and other developments in coming years."                                                                         


                                                                                   ...........  Ms. Teh

Both my children attends the learning support and intervention program at START for 4 years before our family are transferred to another country. The children enjoys going for classes and the teachers were lovely and thoughtful for the children. 

Kayla had difficulty in speech and language , she also has challenges in reading and academic skills. It was difficult to place her in year 1. Later she learned to read and enjoys learning with the encouragement of the teachers. She was later enrolled in an international school.

I am glad my children comes here as they always learn something new and eager to share it when they go home.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ........... Andrea