Manfred von Nostitz 

(Former High Commissioner to Malaysia and Brunei)


"As a Canadian Ambassador overseeing overseas Development Assistance Programs (ODA) in various Asian countries, I have been very much made aware of the need to support young people who do not have access to all the proper support structures to meet their educational requirements. 


I am impressed with the dedication and the professionalism of the two co-founders of Start Learning Resource Centre. In their quest to provide assistance to children in need of help.


Accordingly, I was pleased to accede to the invitation to join the Board of Start Learning Resource Centre to add value to the management and the operations of the project with the goal of enabling the students to flourish and progress to their maximum potential."

Otto von Nostitz



Otto was born in Canada. While living in Malaysia, Otto attended ISKL and return to Canada for secondary education in Lakefiled College School. Otto received his Bachelor Degree in University of Toronto and M.A in Strategix Studies in Australia National University ( ANU ) Canberra.


“I decided to fund START Learning Resource Centre because it has a good cause.  I admire the two

co-founders’ drive to assist children in need. I started Funding the program after learning START had an extremely capability team to support them in achieving their goal of nurturing self-belief and confidence of the children they work with.  My aspiration is that the team's efforts and school create more awareness of inclusive classroom in Malaysia and that Start LRC can use further funding to expand their intake so that they can make a bigger difference in the country.

Yeevon Eng

Principal & Curriculum co-ordinator


Yeevon was born and raised in Malaysia. Upon completing her highschool in Wesley Methodsit School,

she continue to persue her BSc Honors in Psychology in University of Bedfordshire, England.


Yeevon had various professional development training in classroom management, teaching approaches and Coaching. She trains Dyslexic children with Orton-Gillingham Reading System. 


" I first worked with special needs children in 2007 when I was in UK. To date, I still enjoy everyday of my job working with children and parents whom are concern on their children's development. I believe learning is very personalised and it is teacher's responsibility to find the teaching methodology that fits each child. Fortunately, START has given me more opportunity to practice individualised learning with young children."


Lavender Tan

Clinical Psychologist

Lavender completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology at HELP University, Kuala Lumpur
and her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Cardiff University, UK. She gained extensive
experience in psychological assessments and psychotherapy for children with
neurodevelopmental disorders and other psycho-social difficulties, as well as for adults
experiencing a wide range of mental health issues.
Prior to pursuing her masters, Lavender worked as a special needs teacher, to implement
individualized teaching methods to children with various developmental difficulties. She also
has a Post Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Play from the Academy of Play and Child
Psychotherapy, UK, and worked with children to address their social-emotional development
using creative methods.
“I believe that mental health is the key to quality of life. It is so important to a child’s
development to have his/her emotional needs met, and similarly, a parent would flourish in
their role if they receive adequate support. I work closely with my clients to develop healthy
coping skills, build resilience and grow through adversities.”

Kar Yan, Cheah

Academic Support Coodinator

Kar Yan graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) from HELP University, Malaysia. Upon the completion of her Bachelor Degree, she has been working with special-needs children for the past 1 and a half years. During her days as an undergraduate, she took an interest in Special Education and worked part-time as a Teaching Assistant for a year in a special-needs centre. 


“I must say, I have been blessed with a golden opportunity to work alongside teachers who are dynamic and passion-driven here at START LRC. As each child develops at his or her own pace, being a creative and dynamic teacher in order to maximize a child’s potential is fundamental. Here at START, I am able to work to the best of my ability in helping these children grow. Being able to witness these children reach milestones in their lives serves as the fuel to my passion in Special Education.”

Nadiah Anis

Special Ed. Coordinator

Nadia a graduate of Bachelor in Psychology (Hons) from HELP University. She started her career in Special Need Education since 2013. She started as Vocational Teacher and also experienced in Early Intervention Program.Having family members with learning difficulties had gained her curiosity and interest to pursue her career as SEN teacher.


“I witnessed how they struggles and have excluded treatment in social events, especially during their learning journey is heart wrecking. I was driven by this to help them and to extend my assistance to others who need it because when they are able to achieve a simple progress it is enough to make me pleased and proud with their determination to succeed."

Asako Mitani

Music Therapist


Ms Asako was born in Shizuoka, Japan. Upon completing her Bachelor in Sociology and Masters in Education for Special Needs, Asako continue to find interest in applying music into a special educational classroom. She completed her training to be a Music therapist in Japan Welfare and Education College.She is a certified Music Therapist registered under Japan Music Therapy Association.


Asako had practiced and bring awareness of Music Therapy to many institution in Japan, including the Poco-A-Poco Music Therapy Studio,Tokyo Women's Medical Hospital,Koto-ku Special Needs Support Centre, and Children and Family Support Centres.


Asako is now a visiting Music therapist in START Learning Resource Centre. She has volunteered to continue her passion in Music and special needs children.